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Welcome to Aquifer Water Guard's homepage. We believe that this website will be informative and provide a service to you. Please see our Terminology page and Guide to Water Quality page. Clean water is a precious commodity that we require to be safe for our loved ones and patrons. AWG will be happy to assist you in your business or residence to establish a safe and healthy environment for drinking water. It is our desire to provide a service for your water needs in both a private application and Governmental regulatory application. Ontario Regulation 170/03 is a regulation under the Ontario Clean Water Act that regulates water for Municipalities, Year-round Non-municipal Residential Camp grounds, Schools and Designated facilities, i.e. day care centres, camps with children's programs. This Regulation brings with it changes to drinking water systems causing installation of water treatment equipment and monitoring by certified or trained individuals. Ministry of Health Regulation 318/08 & 319/08 is another regulation that brings in a greater sense of protection for publicly accessed drinking water systems that are outside of Reg. 170's parameters.

With all the possibilities of contamination to both private and municipal water sources it only makes good sense to provide your own safety to your drinking water. I am sure that it has not passed any of our observations in the media regarding constant problematic Boil Water Advisories even on municipal systems.

We at Aquifer Water Guard will help you at home, your school, day-care, business, service club, campground and religious place of worship provide that safety net for safe clean water. We have Ministry of Environment Certification with our monitoring operators. We have an established monitoring/maintenance program that can be tailored to your system.

For the Safety of Your Clientele and Families

Ministry of Environment Regulations
170/03, Ont. Reg. 318/08 & 319/08 (Small Drinking Water Systems)
Compliance Assistance
Compliance Consultation/Training for Invididuals or Boards of Directors
Engineering Consultation
Water System Installations
Water Sampling and Delivery Service to Lab for Analysis
Monitoring of Established Water Treatment Systems with Tracking Systems and Reporting to M.O.E.
Certification in Cross Connection Control, Certificate #09118.
Testing and Installations of Backflow prevention equipment.

Video: "Why Backflow Prevention"

Member of the Canadian Water Quality Association